Breathing power throws, i.e. all techniques that do not use levers or grabs, but let uke's energy go past or redirect it using a simple contact.

The term Kokyu-nage is not clearly defined. Sometimes it is extended to techniques which are already known under specific names, e.g. Sumi-otoshi. In most cases, Kokyu-nage refers to all free throws.

There are no pins in Kokyu-nage techniques.

The following video shows a selection from the large group of Kokyu throws:

0:10 - 0:30: Kokyu-nage Naname (= Sokumen Irimi-nage = Tachi-waza Kokyu-ho)

The following video shows one way to do KOKYU-NAGE from RYOKATA-DORI (inside/outside ellbow contact); it can also also practised with inside/inside contact.

A comprehensive collection of instructive videos is available under Media > Basic Forms.

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