Aikido Oberursel in the Press

"A little twist, a shift of weight, and the attacker ends up on the floor" starts the article that the "Taunus Zeitung" newspaper published about Aikido Oberursel. Journalist Babette Marschner and photographer Heiko Rhode took their time to get a good look at the martial art. Interview and pictures were taken at last Sunday's class, the article appeared today both in print and online.

When the newspaper called to arrange the interview we never thought it would turn out to become such a large article: the print edition granted us half a page at a very prominent position in the local pages. Even though the article contains a number of errors (we are not the only aikido dojo in the Hochtaunus district) we very much like it and we hope it will appeal to many people.

Read the online edition for more details.

Article in the Taunus Zeitung newspaper


Lost Items

These items were left behind after events at our dojo:

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