Sunday, 16 May 2021

Our topics today:

  • SHOMEN-UCHI, with turn-away evasive movement
    • KIRI-OTOSHI with contact at shoulder and arm
    • USHIRO-KIRI-OTOSHI, when entering further
    • Variations if entering short: IRIMI-NAGE, SOKUMEN-IRIMI-NAGE, KOTEGAESHI
  • KATATE-DORI, part 1
    • IKKYO OMOTE, dynamic
    • IKKYO URA, semi-dynamic (cut in elbow) and dynamic (via IRIMI-TENKAN entry)
  • KATATE-DORI, part 2
    • UKI-OTOSHI, via TAI-NO-TENKAN entry

More Information

More information are available on the Glossary pages (simply follow the links in the tooltips). A collection of videos is available under Media > Basic Forms


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