Aikido Seminar with Jan Nevelius Shihan
(28–30 January 2022)

PDF with all details — published 20.11.2021

The event takes place at both our dojos in Bad Homburg (LLS) and Oberursel-Weißkirchen (TVW). Participants should have practised aikido for at least 3–6 months. Participation is possible from age 14.

Event fees are due only in case of participation. They are paid in cash before the event starts (EUR).

This registration may be cancelled any time and without stating a reason. In this case, please use the cancellation link in our confirmation e-mail (this is sent immediately after your registration).

(1) Due to the dynamic Corona development, conditions can change at any time - please be sure to revisit this page shortly before the date.
(2) Admission is only for vaccinated or recovered participants. We are required to check your certificate.
(3) Registration is mandatory as we may have to limit the number of participants.
(4) The seminar can only be booked as a whole. The participation fee is 80 EUR (60 EUR reduced).
(5) It is not possible to stay at the dojo overnight.
(6) Our hygiene rules apply.
(7) Click here to import the seminar date into your calendar: iCal download

With your registration you confirm that you have read the flyer (see above), and that you accept the event's terms as well as our general terms and conditions.

We will use your personal data to sign you up for this event and/or send you our newsletters, and we will never disclose it to third parties. Once the event is over, we will delete your registration data. You have the right to view all your data stored with us, have it changed or deleted. Every e-mail that we send you contains an unsubscribe link. If any problems arise concerning an unsubscribe request, please do not hesitate to inform us via the contact form. Please read our disclaimer for more details. With submitting this form you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Jan Nevelius

Jan Nevelius @ Oberursel 2020

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