Regular Classes

For regular classes, the TV 1889 Weißkirchen/Ts. e.V. sport club's terms & conditions apply. The Aikido Dojo Oberursel is a department of this non-profit sports club.

Seminar and Event Participation

Events organised or managed by our dojo are intended to be fun for all. Participants should experience a highly appreciative and motivating atmosphere to help them make good progress in their development by exercising with various partners and building friendships. The health and well-being of the participants is our highest priority.

Therefore, participants of events that are organised or managed by the Aikido Dojo Oberursel agree to and comply with the following:

You – and any participating person under your guardianship or supervision – will not participate in any of our classes, seminars or other events if you know of a health risk that will put yourself or any third party in danger. Likewise, participation is not allowed under the influence of alcohol, drugs or strong medication.

You – and any participating person under your guardianship or supervision – have valid health insurance that covers martial arts seminars in Germany. Organisers and teachers are not obliged to verify your insurance status.

You participate at your own responsibility – organisers and teachers are liable only for acts of gross negligence or malice. Participants release the organisers and teachers from any liability for incidents that happen outside the event's venue or outside of the schedule, such as travel times or interval activities.

Organisers and teachers have no custody, supervisory or other legal responsibility for under-age persons, in particular not for any time outside the immediate training schedule or the practice area.

The venue is publicly accessible. Therefore the participants are asked to keep a close eye on their belongings, wardrobe and valuables. Neither organisers nor landlord are liable for theft or damages to the participants' property by third parties. The venue has no lockable rooms or cabinets which are theft-proof.

Our events are public sports events – visitors and press are welcome to attend. (Unless stated otherwise.) Visitors are asked to keep quiet and refrain from eating and drinking during the practice; strictly no private photography or filming.

Organisers and teachers may exclude individuals from participation in a class, seminar or event if they fail to comply with any of the above terms or if they impact negatively on the event or if there is strong evidence that they will, or if participation means considerable additional work for the organisers or teachers. The exclusion does not have to be justified and cannot be contested; it does not substantiate entitlement to compensation of any kind. If somebody is excluded before the event starts, paid fees may be refunded fully or in part, depending on the event's terms. If somebody is excluded after the event has started, fees are not refunded.

For most events, the organisers assign someone to take photographs and/or shoot videos. Carefully selected pictures and film clips are published through the dojo's media channels. They are also used on flyers, posters and other print material used to promote our dojo. The participants are asked to give their consent to be depicted in this material on the participants list; they have the right to refuse the publication of material in which they can be personally identified in one or all of the above mentioned channels. A given consent may be revoked at any time by written request. Please note that the publication of photographs at public sports events does not always require the authorisation of all persons depicted, especially not in the case of group photos for which the participants pose.

Participants may sign up for our e-mail newsletter by leaving their e-mail address on the participants list. Please read our Data Privacy Statement for more details (see link below).

Please read our Data Privacy Statement for information on how we store, use and publish personal data collected in the course of our events.


Additional terms and conditions apply to the kyu gradings of our dojo members:

All participants receive an exam fact sheet before the grading. It contains the minimum requirements, the grading syllabus, the order of events, applicable fees and other terms.

The grading guideline is used by the board of examiners to evaluate the accomplishments of the candidates. The document is available upon request.

Out-Of-Schedule Practice Sessions

Participation in free practice sessions is always at your own responsibility. Please be mindful of possible injuries and necessary emergency routines, and make sure you have access to the on-site first-aid kit. On TVW club premises, an official instructor (or appointed helper) must always be present. Unsupervised practice sessions with minors are not permitted.

PLEASE READ our Imprint, Disclaimer and Data Privacy pages for more details.