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Open Keiko with Mirjam Fischer & Klaus Messlinger
(8 October 2023)

On that day is election day in Hesse - if you have the right to vote, please vote before you come to keiko!

When making your decision, remember that Aikido stands for peaceful coexistence between people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, for mutual respect, personal responsibility and for prudent solutions.

Thank you!

The Open Keiko serves as an exchange between the dojos in the region and is open to all interested aikidoka.

Mirjam Fischer is a long-time teacher at Balance Athletics in Frankfurt. She holds a 5th dan Seishinkai.

Mirjam is particularly interested in movement and balance. For her, Aikido is a wonderfully pragmatic training that leaves room for everyone to explore and develop this according to their own personality and physicality. In her training, besides accuracy, the joy of movement is in the foreground.

Klaus Messlinger is the founder and head instructor of Aikido Oberursel. He holds a 4th dan Aikikai Tokyo.

Klaus is particularly interested in encounters where tori only does what is absolutely necessary. For him, "Aiki" means that a technically convincing execution is always completed by an internal form. It is exciting to develop the sensitivity for an adequate response, where tori takes the attack seriously while remaining calm and connected to uke.



8 October 2023


  • 18:00 - 20:00 — Aikido
  • from 20:00 — après-keiko


TV Weisskirchen (TVW)
Oberurseler Str. 16
61440 Oberursel
(Dojo info)

Oberursel is located in the north-west of Frankfurt am Main (approx. 20 min by train or car).