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We practise in Bad Homburg and Oberursel:

  • MON 7 – 9 pm @ LLStimes changed* – members only!
  • THU 7 – 9 pm @ LLSlocation & times changed* – members only!
  • SUN 6 – 8 pm @ TVWmembers only!

Corona Regulation
Until the end of the summer holidays (16 August) we only offer a restricted schedule. Unfortunately, we can only admit members to those classes, and prior registration is required for each class.

Please check back here, or to our Facebook and Instagram pages for new developments.

*Times and locations changed only during the summer holidays!

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Start with any class - please arrive 15 mins early. For the beginning, long sweatpants and a sleeved top are sufficient. We practise barefoot. (Admission is from age 14.)

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Updated on 30 July 2020 at 5:56 pm
Everybody is welcome! Our current and previous dojo members come from Germany, Azerbaijan, Czechia, France, Hungary, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the USA. — Please read about our values.

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  • Seminar with Jan Nevelius - 27 January 2020

    Underneath the outer techniques of aikido lie inner principles, which play an important role in the peaceful martial art. During his seminar at the Aikido Dojo Oberursel, the Swedish teacher Jan Nevelius showed a number of memorable examples and applications which nevertheless require a lot of...

  • Kyu Gradings / 60 Members - 27 October 2019

    The intensive preparations paid off: five dojo members passed their kyu tests last weekend. They received very positive feedback from the jury, which consisted of head instructor Klaus Meßlinger and additional panel members who were partially from other dojos to ensure neutral evaluation. On top...

  • Seminar with Karl Ruben - 4 September 2019

    A sharp sword cuts effortlessly, and just as effortlessly should Aikido techniques be executed. At his seminar in Oberursel, Karl Ruben showed what challenges working with the wooden sword presents to both partners, and how this practice can be transferred to empty-handed Aikido techniques....

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28.–30.8. CANCELLED - Lisa Larsson in Oberursel (Aikido)

11.–13.9. Jan Nevelius in Frankfurt (Aikido)

26.–27.9. Pascal Durchon in Frankfurt (Aikido)

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What People Say

Roberto Martucci"Where passion meets research and enthusiasm, there we find Aikido Oberursel, lovingly coordinated by Klaus Messlinger. A pulsating dojo with a strong desire to practice, exchange, and accompany all practitioners along the way of aiki. Great job, lovely people, and a comfortable and spacious location."
Roberto Martucci — 6th dan Aikido, Aikido Kashin, Rome, Italy Read more...


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1:56 min

Aikido in Oberursel
Dojo Promotion 2019

0:16 min

Sonja Sauer @ Oberursel 2019
Kaeshi Waza (Sonja Sauer & Jörn Fritsch)

1:21 min

Ludvig Jönson @ Oberursel 2018
Jiu Waza (Ukes: Sonja Sauer & Peter Menke)

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