Come along to a free, no-obligation class and give Aikido a try! We practise on the following days:

  • Tuesdays from 7 - 9 pm (GSS)
  • Thursdays from 8 - 10 pm (TVW)
  • Sundays from 6 - 8 pm* (TVW)

We keep practising during the autumn holidays. Please join us!


Start with any class - please arrive 15 mins early. For the beginning, long sweatpants and a sleeved top are sufficient. We practise barefoot. (Admission is from age 14.)

For more information, please read our FAQ page.

Classes at TVW site are taught all year round, including holidays. GSS site is open only outside school and bank holidays → see our current schedule.

* optionally +0:30

Everybody is welcome! Our dojo members come from Czechia, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the USA (in alphabetical order).

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Latest Articles

  • Our Dojo in the Oberursel Newspaper - 6 September 2017

    Today the "Taunus Zeitung" newspaper published a 2/3 page on our dojo under the headline "Fighting without hurting". A well written article with lots of pictures - a great promotion for us. Journalist Anja Petter visited our beginners' course together with photographer Heiko Rhode. She was an...

  • Seminar with Karl Ruben - 4 September 2017

    How to defend yourself by taking the attacker's balance - this was the focus of the weekend seminar held by Karl Ruben in Oberursel. The internationally renowned aikido teacher from Berlin showed a variety of techniques that can be used to to deal with attackers, even if they are much stronger. 26...

  • New class from 15 August: Tuesday, 7-9 pm - 15 July 2017

    From 15 August we offer a new class at Aikido Oberursel: in addition to our existing schedule at the TVW club house we will practise every Tuesday from 7-9 pm at the Grundschule Stierstadt gym in Römerstraße 1. The building is very similar to the club house, and we will also use the stage. Grundschule...

What People Say

Kerstin Butzke"Klaus, your initiative is unmatched! You are putting so much effort into the dojo, and at the same time you seem so relaxed."
Kerstin Butzke — 4th Kyu, Aikido Oberursel