Join our beginners' course in August!

The course is suitable for both men and women, boys and girls. The minimum age is 14 years.

You may start with any class. We recommend to attend the full course, though, as the units loosely build on each other.

  • Sunday, 18 August, 6–7 pm @ TVW
  • Monday, 19 August, 6:30–7:30 pm @ LLS
  • Sunday, 25 August, 6–7 pm @ TVW
  • Monday, 26 August, 6:30–7:30 pm @ LLS

Please arrive 15 mins early. For the beginning, long sweatpants and a sleeved top are sufficient. We practise barefoot.

Please remember to bring the 20 EUR course fee to the first class you attend. It is a flat fee, i.e. independent of the number of classes you go to, but we will waive your sign-up fee if you join the dojo afterwards

If you have more questions, please read our FAQ page.

During the course, regular classes continue at the usual times.

Updated on 19 August 2019 at 7:23 am
Everybody is welcome! Our current and previous dojo members come from Germany, Czechia, France, Hungary, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the USA (in alphabetical order).

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  • Seminar with Roberto Martucci - 1 July 2019

    In martial arts, balance and center create stability – but they are also a precondition for fast and dynamic responses. How to work from the axis was the central topic of Roberto Martucci's seminar at the Aikido Dojo Oberursel last weekend. The Italian teacher has an international reputation for...

  • Seminar with David Ellard - 20 May 2019

    Many martial arts make use of "internal power", a concept which eludes many outsiders. At his seminar in Oberursel last weekend, David Ellard showed which physiological foundation – i.e. muscle groups, tendons and joints – can be used to activate this power. The internationally renowned teacher...

  • Kyu Gradings Spring 2019 - 25 March 2019

    After a few months of intensive preparation, four dojo members passed their kyu gradings at Aikido Oberursel. Jury members Mirjam Fischer (5th Dan), Klaus Meßlinger (3rd Dan) and Jens Schäfer (2nd Dan) were very happy with the candidates' performances. Congratulations! 1st Kyu Jörn Fritsch 3rd Kyu...

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What People Say

David Ellard"Aikido Oberursel is the embodiment of some of the best qualities that can be found in any dojo. The dojo is warm and welcoming, with hard-working students and diligent teachers who genuinely care about the quality of their training. More than this however, by reaching out into the community the Oberursel dojo is taking the Aikido principles of connection and harmony in the wider world. They are a great example to us all in the Aikido family."
David Ellard — 4th dan Aikikai, Kamo Aikido Club, Aylesbury, England Read more...


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2:06 min

Aikido in Oberursel
Dojo Promotion 2019

1:21 min

Ludvig Jönson @ Oberursel 2018
Jiu Waza (Ukes: Sonja Sauer & Peter Menke)

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