Come along to a free, no-obligation class and give Aikido a try! We practise on the following days:

  • TUE 7 - 9 pm beginners/basics (GSS)
  • THU 8 - 10 pm (TVW) → not on 7 and 14 December!
  • SUN 6 - 8 pm* (TVW)


Start with any class - please arrive 15 mins early. For the beginning, long sweatpants and a sleeved top are sufficient. We practise barefoot. (Admission is from age 14.)

Please read our FAQ page.

Check out our current schedule.

* optionally +0:30

Everybody is welcome! Our dojo members come from Czechia, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the USA (in alphabetical order).

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  • Kyu Gradings Autumn 2017 - 12 November 2017

    After months of intensive preparation, seven dojo members took their kyu tests at the Aikido Dojo Oberursel. For the first time a born-and-raised dojo member earned his hakama by obtaining 2nd kyu. Jury members Eric Steeves (4th dan), Brigitta Schultz (3rd dan), Klaus Messlinger (3rd dan) and...

  • Movement Practice Meets Yoga: Max Rößner & Jochen Kaiser - 24 October 2017

    How to explore the possibilities of movement, for sports and everyday situations - this was the main topic of the workshop last Saturday. Two teachers showed the participants how they can enhance their physical abilities: Jochen Kaiser taught various yoga exercises, while Max Rößner introduced the...

  • Our Dojo in the Oberursel Newspaper - 6 September 2017

    Today the "Taunus Zeitung" newspaper published a 2/3 page on our dojo under the headline "Fighting without hurting". A well written article with lots of pictures - a great promotion for us. Journalist Anja Petter visited our beginners' course together with photographer Heiko Rhode. She was an...

What People Say

Stefan Christ"Aikido Oberursel - the first thing that springs to my mind is the enthusiasm of Klaus Messlinger who with a lot of passion and in a rather short time managed to interest a crowd of new people in the wonderful Japanese martial art. Aikido's founder O-Sensei Ueshiba Morihei said that 'aikido is a way of peace, a way to reconcile the world', and the Oberursel dojo in this sense is a place of connecting, meeting and exchanging in a peaceful way."
Stefan Christ — 5th dan Aikikai, Aikido Network Forum, Duesseldorf, Germany Read more...