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Aikido Seminar with Franziska Dieterich
(22 - 24 March 2024)

In her practice and teaching, Franziska emphasises clear form combined with deep, anatomically rooted contact between tori and uke: "Questioning body patterns and habits creates space for self-recognition and development", she says. "In this way we can remain ourselves in contact with others and at the same time stay flexible.".

Many teachers have influenced Franziska's aikido: Karl Ruben in her regular practice, for many years also Jorma Lyly and Jan Nevelius from Stockholm, and in particular Seishiro Endo Sensei.

Franziska has been practising Aikido since 2003 and today holds the 4th dan Aikikai. The Kokoro Aikido dojo in Berlin is her home dojo, where she also teaches.

"I am very happy that Franziska is coming to our dojo", says Klaus Messlinger, head of the Aikido Oberursel dojo. "She brings exceptional confidence to the mat, an impressive presence and clarity with which she draws out the natural movement patterns from the kata. In addition, she has a great sense of humour." — copy & share this link

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Musikvideo "Analogue Connections" (Ingrid Lukas)
Franziska als Aikido-Lehrerin mit Kokoro-Mitgliedern

Franziska Dieterich @ Lillsved

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17.3. Kyu-Prüfungen in Oberursel

22.–24.3. Franziska Dieterich in Oberursel (Aikido)

21.4. Beginners' Course 1/4 in Oberursel (Aikido)

22.4. Beginners' Course 2/4 in Bad Homburg (Aikido)

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7.–9.6. Karl Ruben in Oberursel (Aikido & Bukiwaza)

15.8. Jorma Lyly in Oberursel (Aikido) - DATUM NOCH OFFEN

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9.9. Beginners' Course 2/4 in Bad Homburg (Aikido)

15.9. Beginners' Course 3/4 in Oberursel (Aikido)

16.9. Beginners' Course 4/4 in Bad Homburg (Aikido)

4.–6.10. Sonja Sauer in Oberursel (Aikido)


22 - 24 March 2024

Friday @ LLS Bad Homburg

  • 19:30–21:00 — Aikido

Saturday @ TVW Oberursel

  • 10:30–12:30 — Aikido
  • from 13:15 — Lunch reservations at nearby restaurant
  • 16:00–18:00 — Aikido
  • from 19:00 — Party at the dojo: please contribute some food (drinks available at the bar)

Sunday @ TVW Oberursel

  • 11:00–13:00 — Aikido


Gym of the Landgraf Ludwig school (LLS)
Rathausstr. 13
61348 Bad Homburg
(Dojo info)

TV Weisskirchen (TVW), Oberurseler Str. 16, 61440 Oberursel, Germany
(Dojo info)

Bad Homburg and Oberursel are neighbouring cities, located in the north-west of Frankfurt am Main (from there it is ca. 20 mins by train or car). The two dojos are approx. 6 km/4 miles apart (directions on Google Maps).

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